The Supply Chain & Logistics Management Division is responsible for managing a b犀利士 road range of applications for Inventory Management, Assortment & Allocation, Transportation & Logistics, and Demand Forecasting Services. The team constantly works to improve application performance across the SCM lifecycle and, thus, enhance member experience through a mix of latest and traditional technology, from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to a strong footprint of ‘Big Data’ technologies including Hadoop, Python, GCP, and Airflow.

The Warehouse Management offers a wide range of technology solutions in diversified areas for B2B and B2C platforms. These solutions a) Enable warehouses to process vendor shipments, fulfil orders, and transfer items to other warehouses; b) Integrate legacy and new age ordering and fulfilment systems within the organization and third party partners; c) Provide supply chain business with a single access point in the form of user interface portal for order management and tracking; d) Enable home delivery business to update item prices via user interface portal.

Product Master

Item/Vendor management services division enhances, maintains and support over 20 applications for managing items and vendors for Sears/Kmart stores and online business. This covers a wide range of services/applications including item build/manage platform, online content handling, asset management, integration services, vendor relation management services (including onboarding and legal aspects of the vendor associations) along with the various other B2B services.

Marketing, Pricing & Signage

Marketing, Pricing and Signage group provides technology solutions that enable creation, planning, and management of multi-channel promotional offers supported by optimized, accurate, and consistent prices derived from advanced algorithms and transmission of these offers to stores in digital and paper format signage to increase brand value, enhance perceived value, create interest and engage our members. The group serves delivery of data to Kmart.com, Sears.com, and Kmart, Full-Line and Hometown format of physical stores.